One of the great nickel finds was by Western Areas at its Forrestania operation, with the high-grade Spotted Quoll deposit covered in Chapter 21. Important generative work for that find was carried out by the consultancy Newexco Services. Chapter 34 on St George Mining mentioned this work as well as targeting assistance for Sirius Mining on Nova (also covered in Chapter 32), and work for St George in the north eastern goldfields. We did not refer to Newesco’s work in the Western Areas chapter, though we have noted since that that company’s Bill Amann, Adrian Black and Kevin Frost were awarded the AMEC 2009 Prospector Award for their role in the Spotted Quoll discovery. In the mid-2000s the target was originally known as Spotted Quoll. In making an announcement about the find in late 2007, Western Areas said quolls have been seen in the Flying Fox area and the company became involved in sponsoring breeding and research initiatives to improve the conservation status of the species.